Sunday, August 16, 2009

View on Religion

Im an atheist. I like listening to Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry etc. You know, smart people. I feel that religious people turn off their rational critical thinking parts of their brain when it comes to religion. People are afraid to question religion because of traditions and superstitions which are based on no evidence and are driven home by fear and peer pressure from family and friends. Fear of the unkown is a scary thing to these people and instead of thinking about it, finding facts and evidence, they choose the easy way out and say god did it. There is nothing left in the world where a celestial space daddy is needed to explain anything. Religion came out thousands of years ago when humans didn't know anything about chemistry, biology, physics and geography. The power and wealth that organised religion has gained is a testament to what good P.R., brutal force and fear mongering can achieve. It targets the weak and ignorant and is afraid of science. But science keeps on piling on the evidence, and all the evidence(or lack of evidence) contradicts the religious beliefs. I laugh when people say they get their morals from god and lead their life from the 10 commandments. The god in the bible advocates slavery, genocide and human sacrifice. He is a vengeful egotistical character who loves you, but will send you to hell to torture for all eternity? Some father. The 10 commandments are ridiculous, who deserves to be tortured for eternity for working on Saturday, thinking about how good looking someone is or wanting a ferrari? Frankly, it is immoral to believe in that.

Name a moral action that can only be done by a religious person and not that of an atheist. Now name a wicked thing done by a person purely because of their religion. You can't answer to first but it is very easy to answer the second.

Sex scandals, child abuse, terrorism, wars, brainwashing, and impeding science is the legacy of religion.

To creationists, evolution is a fact. The theory of evolution is just like the atomic theory or the theory of gravity. "God did it" just doesn't cut it. A theory in science is different to the common use of theory (guess/idea). A theory in science is the ultimate goal in explaining something useing a bunch of facts and evidence to support the theory. Scientists all over the world will try to disprove a theory and unless they find something to disprove it, it remains a theory. Theories are there waiting to be disproved, because science doesn't have the arrogance to say definetly. The evidence supports evolution. 99.98% of biology scientists support evolution. Intelligent rational beings support it. It is not a debate. Why don't we teach the world is flat, we don't teach stars are souls, we don't teach the earth is the centre of the universe and we don't teach that volcanoes are the gateways to hell. Why should we teach creationism? Evolution is a theory. Creationism is a myth.

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